Soft Opening for LiberTea

The new tea shop that was just a rumor a few weeks ago has finally opened. LiberTea had it’s soft opening and now is ready for visitors tomorrow, Wednesday. This cozy space looks perfect to read a book or just to socialize with some friends. The small touches make it charming, and it’s location is perfect. It’s right in from of Washington’s Headquarters and in between Caffe Macchiato and Jenny’s Floral Designs. All desserts are made locally as well.

The opening of this new business shows that the desire to build up Liberty Street is there. People want to open up businesses with quaint shops to fill up the streets of Newburgh. It’s up to everyone else to support them to make sure they continue to thrive because their presence changes the overall aesthetic of the neighborhood. Occupied businesses with patrons make streets feel safer. It’s a great place to spend some of your cash from the 3/50 project. Check them out!

89 Liberty Street
Hours: Mon-Fri 7am-3pm and Sat-Sun 8am-2pm

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  • There are some beautiful small landscape paintings on the north wall as well that aren’t in these lovely photos. They are by Thom Munterich, an avid fly fisherman and artist. I ‘curated’ the show, which mean I hung the work. The tea shop is a delight and the owners are friendly, warm people. Hooray for Liberty Street and LiberTea!

  • So great for the area! Thx and can’t wait to get there. Best of luck.