“Eat down the Street”

After discussing motivational ideas on how to start a business in Newburgh, it is fitting to discuss how the community could support and maintain one. I love Project 3/50. I have mentioned them before, and how the idea of buying local benefits the community. Well, now they have a new campaign, “Eat down the street.” This could not be any more true of Newburgh today and the thriving food establishments around the city. The Waterfront, Liberty Street, and Broadway are areas with many food establishments that would benefit from your business. Some are even Zagat rated. So try it out. The idea is to pick 3 places where you could spend $50 a month. Instead of heading over to your local chain restaurant or fast food place, try something local for a change. It helps revive the downtown, fill up empty store fronts (see example below), and you are putting your money right back into your community. 

©Jonathan Valle

Check out the “Food” section on the left hand side. There are only 22 establishments listed that I have thus collected. But Newburgh certainly has room for more! One place I will particularly encourage you to visit is Mary’s Cheesecake Headquarters or you can check out her Facebook page. Instead of heading to the supermarket or other big business/wholesale chains for your next cake, buy one of Mary’s cakes. Your business would be truly appreciated there, and you keep Liberty Street looking pretty.