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I recently moved to Newburgh from NYC, and one of things I miss most is the wide and diverse selection of restaurants I had available to me. I would personally love a modern italian concept and assuming the food was good, I’m sure I would patronize the place.

That said, I personally feel like Newburgh needs more cool/cheap spots that more of the community can afford. There are plenty of midrange restaurants on the waterfront for middle age people. There are a few “fancy” spots in the town of Newburgh. Then there are a bunch of hole in the wall spots with great food and not so great ambiance. I personally love Martha, but I’m afraid there aren’t enough vegans in Newburgh yet to keep it afloat.

If you want to look them up on yelp, here are some of the spots I wish we had something similar to in Newburgh. In a few cases, we have them already, but they need to overhaul their marketing, interior design, etc to make the ambiance better.

Los Tacos #1
The Meatball Shop
Caracas Arepas
The Donut Plant
Digg Inn
Prosperity Dumpling
Ample Hills
Gaia Italian Cafe
Mountain Province
Empire Biscuit
Rockaway Taco
Crib Dogs
Mighty Quinns
Luke’s Lobster

Whatever you decide, good luck!