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Hello Sunbury, and welcome to Newburgh!

If you are looking to live in a good commuting neighborhood in Newburgh, then I think MLG is right for you.

Beacon is the closest transportation hub to NYC from Newburgh. There are several ways to get from Beacon to Newburgh and vice versa. The three trails of transit that are most the prominent are bike, bus and ferry.

Biking would take you from your home over the Newburgh-Beacon bridge bike & pedestrian path (also the path of I84). The train station is only about a mile after the bridge. IF you are a biker and bike to work in the city this may be for you. (The whole trip is only 2 miles, google bike says its about 18 mins.)

There is a bus route that goes directly from the Beacon train station to Newburgh, stoping in the MGL area first. The bus only costs 1$ and is fast. The driver will also let you off wherever you want.

The ferry leaves from Newburgh’s waterfront and brings you directly to the Beacon train station. This too only costs 1$ and the views are beautiful. (Note that the ferry runs on a schedule and is probably the slowest option if you don’t time your travel appropriately. Total travel time on ferry is about 11 minutes.)

The train takes about an hour and 20 mins during rush hour to midtown. It will take a little longer with traveling from Newburgh to Beacon.

You can find a decent 1 Bedroom in a decent area in the MLG neighborhood starting around 700$ a month.

If you need help with anything send me a message.