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We will soon be newcomers to Newburgh and at first my husband didn’t get why I was so in love with Newburgh in light of its many challenges but over time he came to see it’s beauty and potential. We have also made many friends who share our values and interests so that is really important to us.

I convinced my sister to buy a house on Lander Street (she closed in March) and now we are working on restoring so this is turning out to be a family affair.

My husband and I also just closed on an abandoned property that we bought from the city which is a total mess but it has great bones and we plan to restore it to meet high energy standards. I think Newburgh is a place to come and start new things and take chances.

You have to come and get a feel for the place (we took long walks and talked with shop keepers) because it has to speak to you–it’s an acquired taste!