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1. Taxes do not necessarily increase after a renovation – if they do you can always petition to have them lowered. We did (have a 5 family house that is taxed based on the income it produces.) We showed it made less than that and our taxes were lowered by a nice amount.

2. I have never felt unsafe in the almost two years we’ve been here. Use common sense – there are a few streets that you probably wouldnt want to walk down at night. Interactions with the Police have been better than anywhere I’ve lived, including NYC. They are for the most part very friendly and they respond quickly to incidents.

3. This is a big issue that cant really be explained at once here…If you come, get involved.

4. Cant really answer this sufficiently for you – but there are others who can! Suffice to say that small business are part of the things Newburgh needs to grow.

5. Lots of friendly people here! We have a great crowing community.

Please ask Cher for my contact info if you have any more questions – in particular about renovation or multi family properties.