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I grew up in the City of Newburgh and lived here during my single years. When I met my husband he decided to move here because Newburgh was so friendly, interesting and bursting with things to do. We’ve since had a son and it’s been wonderful to raise him in this environment. I work at the SUNY campus and there’s a daycare on the main floor, the library offers reading time in a variety of languages, Downing Park and Washington’s HQ are fantastic places for us to walk, etc. I push him all over the city in his carriage, waving to everyone. I attended the schools here and I found that there are two extremes, great opportunities but often a lot of distractions. My brother made the choice to send his children to the Catholic School, Sacred Heart, I haven’t decided if my son will go to public or private school yet. As Newburgh has been improving, the first groups to move in were mostly childless couples but the families are definitely beginning to arrive. Feel free to get in touch if you’d like to talk more.