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Hi Noah,

Every year when American Express launches their Shop Small campaign, it is mentioned, but nothing much beyond there. From the 7 years I’ve been writing this blog I think the energy is really starting to concentrate and take off for business owners working together as a group. A huge help has been Last Saturday’s and the Newburgh Illuminated Festival – both of which focus on fostering the businesses of Liberty Street and Lower (eastern) Broadway. There was also the cash mob, which, one Saturday a month would go to a local business, all promising to spend about $20.

Honestly, a buy local/shop small organization/business improvement district is needed. I think some of us have our hands in many projects, so it’s hard to create a new one. But if a new person was to come in with a passion, energy, and time to start something like this, I think we would all support it. Liberty Street currently has 4-5 food/drink locations. There are 3 more that are about to open. There’s a need to market the area as a destination and make these businesses and the other surrounding ones to work together…especially to the 2 college campuses within walking distance. I hope if you come that is something you could make a reality!