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Re>Think Local has been doing some great pro-active things in this vein. Their holiday market at Space Create (where they have an office) was a huge success. They had photographers and videographers recording each business that they post on their website- and used some photographs in co-op advertising. They also host localized gatherings in different locations throughout our region. At the moment Newburgh’s retail and restaurant markets are somewhat disjointed and still developing. Speaking as an owner of one of the few retail vendors, Newburgh Art Supply, I believe that as more stable businesses take hold, we will work better as a team to market our city as a destination. As for forming an organization, trying to find leadership from busy business owners is a big challenge. Organizations like Re>Think Local understand that challenge and are working regionally with a paid staff. And with a fresh eager staff in our city’s Economic and Development Office, I’m hopeful that they will embrace the buy local movement as they re-prioritize their purpose.