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If the wrap is in good shape (not crumbling, hanging off pipes or elbows) then you are generally in little danger of the asbestos fibers causing any harm. It’s when they are disturbed that things can be released. Many times, people think that encapsulating the pipes in duct tape or plastic wrap will mitigate any worries, but just the disturbance of the wrap itself while doing this can prove much more harmful than the hopeful result. There are somewhat safe practices of removing this yourself (tyvek suit, adequate respirator, soaking asbestos w soapy solution before removing) but local building codes require specific disposal of particular types of asbestos material (friable vs. non friable). Research these before doing anything DIY. In the end, I would just call 3 environmental removal companies and choose the one that fits your needs best. I have experienced a lot of variation on cost so choose a reputable outfit that will do the job correctly and safely. Good luck.