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Tiptoeing around this obviously ignorant request will do nothing to move this city forward. I am so sick and tired of people thinking they can come here- as arms length investors no less- “who is very much interested in revitalizing the city” while saying such things as “were disheartened to find that most of it is still incredibly depressed. We were charmed by the homes on Grand St and Montgomery St, and were initially thinking of investing in a multi-family home around there.” If you’re so charmed by Grand Street and Montgomery Street there are plenty of gentrified communities that will suit you much better than Newburgh. The pathetic inability to do some basic research while looking for a quick buck in a depressed city is one of the major factors that has us in this mess in the first place. As Cher rightfully infers, unless you are coming here to invest in the community- not just a building- you are going to become part of the problem- soon!