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Artist looking for bricks

I’m an artist (new to Newburgh) and I’m looking for about 400 red bricks to use for a new sculpture. I’d like real clay brick (not pavers, not concrete), old ones are great, from the Hudson valley would be ideal, but not required. Any leads would be most appreciated!
Thanks much!

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Hi Alison,
I think I have exactly what you need. I have plenty of old Rose bricks, manufactured just north of Newburgh at the turn of the century in Roseton. Some are in great shape most have some chips and such and I have some broken ones as well.

Let me know if you are interested

Hi there!
Thank you for your response–I am familiar with Rose bricks; how exciting! However, I was able to get some Hudson Valley-made bricks yesterday afternoon, and just now finished getting the rest I need for this project. I may be doing another version of this project later this month if all goes well, so I may look you up again. I will leave my email address, and if that sounds ok to you, maybe shoot me a quick email saying where you are, how many you think you have, and what you’d like for them (chips are ok, but probably wouldn’t take the broken ones).
Thank you!!

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