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City Terrace and 3rd St.


Hi Friends – We’re currently zeroing in on a few properties in Newburgh and will hopefully settle on one shortly. One option is a private sale on the upper part of City Terrace and 3rd Street. I’d love to collect a few opinions on this area – my fianceé isn’t sure it’s safe yet (particularly further down the hill toward 1st). I’m looking at it’s potential being so close to the park, and 3rd street feels much better. Does anyone in the forum live in this area, or know it well? Are we venturing into a part of NoBro that’s still pretty seedy/dangerous?

Thanks in advance for your thoughts!

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There are so many considerations to different areas of the city. Sometimes it is best to rent for short term and get a sense of the neighborhoods. Even when it seems like a great opportunity is lost in one property, another goes on the market. Glad to discuss anytime! Feel free to ask Cher for my contact info and welcome soon!

Hey, so I think the bigger questions might be what are your goals, and what are your expectations? Plenty of people live there now and it works for them, but everyone has their own metric of what “safe” is to them. As you know, Newburgh can be a block by block scenario and it really depends on what you are willing to deal with. If you are from an urban area you probably are able to deal with things people from the suburbs can not. Would you feel safe getting out your car and walking to your door at all hours of the day and night? With that said, City Terrace does not have any anchors (that I am aware of) that are moving it in the direction of Liberty Street or the Heights. Maybe if people can chime in on what it is like living near the park and the hospital??

There is a cycle in Newburgh of people buying houses and then listing them back on the market again. That is because people often become disappointed or give up when they don’t see the improvements they were hoping. So I would say you have to be OK with how the neighborhood is now. If things get better, great. If not, you should be prepared and accepting of that. Overall, I promote homeowner occupancy here, and generally neighborhoods and blocks that have homeowner occupied buildings tend to be more maintained and safer. When you move in you help further that stabilization. I hope that helps! Happy house hunting!

No. That is not a good location. The buildings on south street across from the Calvary Presbyterian church 115 and 117 are better located. If you want a gorgeous shell to save please view the 290 Liberty Street ruin– it is a twin to a fully renovated home a few doors north that is gorgeous. That block of Liberty is getting to be awesome. It’s much much better than third. I have been praying for a savior to rescue that incredibly beautiful ruin. It’s one of the most beautiful blocks and only steps away there is a new school going in in that building in the park square.

IMO that is one of three dicey hoods in Newburgh, but if you stay near third and don’t venture south – in particular the corners of Carpenter, Lutheran and City Terrace along 1st – you should be OK.

That said, we have a dear friend who has had a place on Carter between Carpenter and City for a couple of years now. So far, so good, but she’s not there full time.

To put it in some sort of perspective, when I moved into a 1-bedroom walkup on 6th Street near 1st Avenue in The East Village back in 1972, we called Thompkins Square Park “Killer Park”. I used to hear gunshots regularly at night. I don’t think anywhere in Newburgh is quite that bad these days, but I haven’t spent enough time there yet.

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