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Home Renovation February 24, 2014 at 11:23 am

Contractors in Newburgh?

It would be nice to start creating a list of contractors for any of you that have had positive experiences so newcomers can know who to turn to when restoring their homes. Feel free to add your suggestions!

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Thanks for creating this list Cher….I am wondering if anyone can share their aesbestos abatement stories? Can anybody recommend a local contractor? I know many opt to encapsulate, but not recommended for my new home and I would like to get this dealt with safely and effectively in one smooth operation before embarking on the rest!

I want to do some encapsulation, too. I have a bunch of steam pipe insulation that is intact but I would like to make it more solid.

It is good to create lists. All will get the benefits of it while home renovation. Home renovation needs to be properly decided with knowledge of experience contractor. I personally didn’t try any of them, but had a talk with my colleague. Recently my colleague had a home renovation for their room doors and windows. According to their good reviews for helpful resources check over here. You can have a word with them for more ideas.

When I first started looking at old houses I mistakenly thought replacement widows were a good feature to look for. No! Don’t replace wood windows with vinyl! Repair them. If you are in the HD it’s not just a good idea, it’s the law. If you are not, they still don’t pay for themselves over repairing the old sashes. Ben Brandt on Renwick St. tells me does this and he’s tooling up to make new replacement sashes. There must be others who can help you, too.

Hi, Thanks for sharing the link.

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