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Detailed map of Newburgh's original waterfront


Just posting here to share a map of Newburgh’s waterfront area made ~1900 that I found on the Library of Congress website. The map can be downloaded in a VERY high resolution (a 150mb TIFF file) but unfortunately, the key marking what each of the numbered buildings were at the time appears to be missing.

Still, it’s a really awesome illustration that shows just how much of the waterfront was razed in the 1960s, and which neighborhoods have remained unscathed. Here’s the link:

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Thanks. It’s a good resource for newcomers to understand what happened to the city.

I have a copy of the map. It is approximately 21 x 37. My copy was a promtional piece from The Newburgh Daily News. The copyright date is 1899 by T J Hughes. I picked it up at an auction about thirty years ago and it now hangs in my office.

I am a Newburgh native and left in 1978 when I just got tired of the high taxes and poor services. Newburgh was a great place to grow up and can’t believe how fwr it has fallen. The Last time that I was back was in 2007 for my 50th class reunion for NFA.


That’s a great map. I have a plotter at work I can print it out on. My house isn’t there yet so it helps to date it and others on Bay View.

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