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General Newburgh Discussion December 3, 2017 at 11:04 am

Finding the way through the Home maze

Hello Everyone,

I’m looking at buying in Newburgh ( living in purchase)in 2018. I’m an artist, currently in Brooklyn who is familiar with Newburgh (my family having had property in Orange County most of my life) and I’m looking to bring my studio and residence to Newburgh, to become part of the community and be part of the wonderful things I’ve seen in person and here on this site happening.

I’m pretty sure that there must be at least one organization in town that helps guide the 1st time homebuyer and the revitalize Newburgh movement ( and maybe one for artists wanting to relocate there?). I’m hoping that you all here can give me a name or organization that I can reach out to so that I can start setting up meetings to gain more info.

Looking forward to 2018, becoming part of the community and moving my photography and ceramics practice/studio to Newburgh.

Any info will be of help – so thanks in advance!

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Hi! Welcome!

I wish there was an organization that was dedicated to helping transplants get settled in the city. It’s a bit hodge podge at the moment.

Pathstone is a good place to start. They have first time home buyer classes, and can help with down payment assistance if you attend the classes and meet income requirements. (845) 569-0770

Navigating Newburgh is a monthly group meeting right now that might be the most valuable in getting advice and direction. Go through the meeting minutes and you’ll see they address things like how to get a loan and what grants are available out there, especially for those in creative fields. Resource page has good info.

I have no idea what your financial situation is but I would suggest that you rent before
you buy. There appears to be an abundance of space available for artists at very reasonable rents. There are also some nice apartments coming on the market.

If you want to buy and fix up a property, I would also look around for a good contractor/builder that will give you an understanding
of costs in buying and improving real estate. It can be very expensive and what can go wrong usually does go wrong.

That said, there are some vary nice single and two family houses on the market in the city
of Newburgh. You can google away. I would do my homework first since you need to be able
to ask intelligent questions.

Still think you should rent. Newburgh has, I believe, a great upside but it isn’t for

I have heard this from a lot of people that know the city a lot better than I do.

Good luck

Thanks for the responses.

Cher – I’ll check out those resources – I appreciate it.

Hepburn61 – I’m familiar with Newburgh, yes I’m looking at buying to fix up, living in and creating my studio on site on the property. My family has had a place in Orange county most of my life and my grandmother had a house in Newburgh when I was younger.

I know the problems and the changes that are happening – for me I love the chance of building something there, being near the river and not far from family. I appreciate your candor and hear what you are saying.

Anyone else with more info I’m still open to hearing more and will check this periodically.

Chris Hanson was our real estate agent when we moved from Brooklyn and is an all around good guy. He’s obviously coming from a particular perspective since it’s his job, but he’s reliable and is a great source for information about the city, real estate options, and general questions.

Hi ellesolar,

There’s an amazing organization based in Brooklyn called ArtHome, whose mission is to encourage artists to invest in their community, and to help them build assets & equity, always working towards financial stability to continue building a life with art at its center. One of those touchstones is home ownership for artist entrepreneurs – folks who often have non-traditional income streams. I realize you’re hoping to relocate to Newburgh, but ArtHome could perhaps guide you in your new adventure. Specifically, check out AssetsForArtists, a program that boosts artists by helping them rewire their financial brains. A4A has partnered with ArtHome, MASSMoCA, & financial partners to expand the program to all of Massachusetts, NYC

Portland (ME), & RI. I can’t say enough about AssetsForArtists (I’m currently in their program in western MA). The resources I’ve tapped into through A4A are setting me on a new path as an artist.

And Cher, NewburghRestoration is an amazing site! I literally discovered it just today, through links from The Listings Project. Your love for these beautiful old buildings, coupled with the resources you share, are such a treat! Thank you!

Thanks everyone for the useful info – will check out your suggestions!

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