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Home Renovation April 17, 2018 at 10:53 am

Fire escape removal?

Hi there,

Has anyone had any luck petitioning the city to let them take down an old fire escape? We own a three family with two fire escapes, and they’re both falling apart and practically hanging off the building. I know in NYC you have to install a sprinkler in the inner staircase for egress in order to remove a fire escape legally. Not sure if the same rule applies in Newburgh?


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I’ve never heard of any success, it’s kind of why you probably see them on every other building in Newburgh.

Jetnoah, I heard the city is now requesting sprinkler systems for any buildings 3 stories or higher…so if you are willing to invest in a sprinkler system, you could get the fire escape removed. I feel like this is the next big topic/stop we are going to hear about for renovating homes

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