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Classified April 17, 2016 at 9:50 pm

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Does anyone know from this forum whether there are any plans in the future for a supermarket to open in Newburgh? Hard to believe that theres not one in town.

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A developer has sought to construct a mixed use market and low income housing project on mid-Broadway. Like most developers, they seek financial incentives from the city to make the project feasible. The numbers don’t work to the city’s advantage. In fact it’s a loss. That said, there are numerous small food markets and food specialty stores in Newburgh. As well, locally grown produce is available via seasonal open air markets. There are several large supermarkets within a ten minutes drive from the ‘city and an expansive transit system available to those without a personal vehicle. fyi, at a recent city council meeting a local architect/restorer discusses the proposed ‘supermarket/housing’ project. Scroll down to the closing Public comments section…

Theres Save-A-Lot,Market Fresh Supermarket, Aldis, Adams, and so many small grocery stores on Broadway and in the area.

I love Adams – large selection of quality products and it also has a homey/calming atmosphere (unlike typical mega-supermarkets). Aldis is also a great place for international products for relatively low prices.
I would also encourage you to check out family-owned grocery stores on Broadway (I think there’s one called “Broadway Groceries” and another called “Ahorra Ahora”) – you might find something you new and interesting and also get to know the owners who are pretty friendly.

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