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Health Insurance? Newburgh tips, please!

My husband and I recently moved to Newburgh to search for a house…and are also shopping for new health insurance as we’ve moved from out of state.
Any tips on the best health plan for Newburgh?
We’re currently availing of Medicaid, so considering these four options:
MVP Health Plan, United Healthcare Community Plan, Wellcare, & Affinity.

Thanks for any advice or tips you can offer!

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The best plans are those which are accepted at the two hospitals, and the medical groups in the area.

The smaller hospital is St Luke’s in Newburgh, and the larger medical center is Orange Regional in Middletown. If you want everything coordinated, then you can look into doctors at the Orange Regional Medical Group, which is a new group that is part of the hospital. Otherwise, there are multiple medical groups such as Crystal Run and Horizon the Family Medical Center and others in the area that have multiple specialists.

Wellcare and Affinity seem to be used most of these four you mention, but check with the hospitals and groups so you can choose the best one.

Welcome to Newburgh!
stay away from the big medical groups… they are basically like a cattle farm where you are in and out and they order all these expensive tests. I have MVP and my doc is great Dr Saladdino in the city of newburgh on gidney avenue — 845 561-7075
st lukes is a good hospital with a lot of specialties represented. Good luck and again welcome !!

A doctor(s) that suits you should be the first priority rather than be beholden by an insurance company. Stay healthy!

Thanks! 🙂

Hello,Before choosing any insurance policy make sure to review your policy with the help of an expert. My friend had some issues with the policy, he hired an insurance adjuster to review his policy and get maximum benefit on his claim. You can see here for more details.

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