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Home Renovation July 25, 2017 at 10:24 am

Historic home insurance issues?

Hi, I am looking to move to Newburgh and wondering if any of you have run into issues with insuring a historic home?

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The biggest issue I hear about is finding insurance for a vacant/abandoned home. However, if the home is inhabited, try asking the seller what insurance they were using and piggyback off that if you can.

Thanks, Cher!

I ran into issues insuring a home I am rehabbing. We got insurance pretty quickly but then had it revoked about a month later. My agent admonished me for not telling her that there was “work to be done.” All is good now, but I had to provide cost estimates and timelines for repairs, and had my coverage reduced. Be up front with your agent if you house is ugly from the outside.

Yes, I agree it is a big issue for getting the insurance.

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