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Home Renovation July 26, 2017 at 6:31 pm

Info on a specific house on Grand St?

Maybe a long shot of a question, but do any of you have any information regarding 318 Grand St.? It’s being sold by the bank, as-is, and they aren’t disclosing any info. It looks partially rehabbed, but obviously still a lot more to go. Maybe one of you has some intel that could enlighten a potential buyer? Of course I would get a contractor to inspect it before purchasing, but if anyone has anything to share before that expense I would be grateful. Again, I realize that may be a long shot, but figured I’d ask!

Thank you!

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Yeah this house was talked about a lot when I did a post on FB a few weeks back. Feel free to read all those comments:

Real Estate: 318 Grand Street $139,900 (foreclosure). This is one of the newest houses to come on the market in the…

Posted by Newburgh Restoration on Friday, June 23, 2017

Thanks again, Cher! Yeesh, yeah, those taxes…

rocver, there’s a way to get the taxes down. Ask Cher for my email address.

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