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Is Newburgh Bouncing Back?


I’m a graduate student at Columbia University and I’m interested in some of the public health issues in Newburgh such as lead contamination in housing. I see this problem as a consequence of various economic and social factors and so I’m trying to understand this issue from a broader context. I’ve heard about a lot of really amazing things happening in Newburgh such as the community garden and the Newburgh urban market, and I’m really interested in getting a a sense of how people feel Newburgh is doing. Obviously there are many problems such as high poverty and high crime, but is there a general sense that Newburgh is starting to come back? I’ve only visited Newburgh a few times, but it seems to me like many positive changes are happening, which is awesome because the city has so much to offer.

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Hi, while I can’t really offer an opinion on the public health issues of Newburgh I’ll say something regarding your question in the title. Your question makes me think about the Newburgh wave that apparently happens every 5 years. I think there are large differences between those times and this time. For example, there are many businesses that are in place that were not around in the past that are making positive marks on the city such as the Brewery, Atlas Industries, and Safe Harbors of the Hudson. None of them are going anywhere anytime soon and they are pivotal to bringing creative and attractive ventures to the city. The Newburgh Open Studios Tour has been going strong and gave out about 800 maps their last tour. Many artists have inquired about studio space as a result of that. In the past 6 months there have been about 6 new businesses announced on the Liberty Street corridor. Also, not to toot my own horn but the I hope the Newburgh Urban Market will have a positive impact. Warehouses are either being bought or carefully looked at, just like the new Hudson Valley Arts Live venue we are all waiting to see open or 1 Edward with the collapsed roof. So while they are still tons of issues in Newburgh there is definitely a momentum of well-placed individuals making their mark on the city that I don’t think were there before. Lastly there is definitely more positive PR about the city with the addition of all these new ventures. Attend any of the events like the Newburgh Portfolio, Community Conversation, or art events and you will witness for yourself what I am talking about. It’s very exciting.

Great read, it brings up a lot of real concerns with lead contamination in housing, however one must also remember there are many routes of exposure to lead including contaminated air, water, soil, food, and consumer products, all of which we’re exposed to daily. Lead Poisoning in older homes is Preventable by following the appropriate remodeling safety procedures. As far as – Is Newburgh Bouncing Back? YES, I believe it’s roaring back with a vengeance minus the violence but with a lot of sweat equity, a labor of love and a strong community involvement, existing and new.

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Thanks for the replies! It’s clear to me that there’s an energy here and I hope it continues to grow! Also, love the pic!

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