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Newburgh Art Scene December 29, 2014 at 8:44 am

Kitchen Renovation– Looking for a Design and Build Company

So we moved to Newburgh several months ago, and we’re about to start renovating our kitchen. We’re looking for someone to design and coordinate the process. It’s not a gut renovation. We don’t need cabinets built, just an island. We’re hoping to salvage the floors and move a few things around.

Any suggestions for local businesses we should contact?



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Hi Phil,

I have never worked with this company, but they are located right in Newburgh in the Heights. Royal Fine Wood Working. They have some nice examples of their work on their facebook fan page. Hope that helps.



Thanks, Cher! I’ll definitely check them out.

I am the owner of a local kitchen design company and would be happy to talk to you about your project. Info is available on my website Contact me at or 845-614-5114. Janis Fernsten

Correction: Sorry!

hello, Phil,

Welcome to Newburgh. My brother does kitchen remodeling work and can help with other projects. Contact Paul Koksvik, Owner, Save Energy USA LLC, 585-202-0852.

best regards, Mary Verdegaal


We’ll be getting in touch soon. Right now, we’re in the process of meeting with people who do kitchen remodeling. Trying to get a sense of who best understands our wants and needs.


That sounds like a good plan. Best of luck with the project.


Not sure if you found your kitchen contractor yet, but Royal Fine Woodworking, mentioned above, did our kitchen, featured in Newburgh Restoration here: They have a ton of integrity and skill. There are some things I would do differently to ‘age’ the cabinetry if I had to do it again (none of which had anything to do w/ the quality of RFW’s work, which is stellar): I would sand down all corners and ‘distress’ the wood, and most importantly, I would hand paint everything. The spray finish that comes with most painted cabinetry is too smooth, unforgiving and doesn’t look period appropriate. With hand paint, you get some age, and it allows you to retouch the paint more easily when it chips. Good luck!

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