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General Newburgh Discussion April 21, 2015 at 9:30 pm

Looking for a pet-friendly rental in Newburgh

Hey there.

Been reading NR for a few years now and have visited many times. I love the place and am looking to finally make the move from Brooklyn (of course).

I’m looking for a pet-friendly, preferably 2+ bedroom rental somewhere in walking distance of the ferry. My dogs are city dogs. They’ve lived with me in NYC apartments for 8 years and they LOVE people. They’re good dogs.

It would just be myself and them. I’d use the extra bedroom(s) as an office. I publish a site and direct an org dedicated to ethics reform and good governance issues in NYS. I’m pretty google-able, if you’re a landlord and you wanna know who I am and what I do.

If anyone has any leads on a place that meets those requirements, I’ll gladly take you out to lunch anywhere you like. Or cook for ya. Or whatever.

Any leads are *greatly* appreciated.

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Hi Phillip, thanks for being such a loyal reader! Do you have a particular neighborhood in mind?

I live on Montgomery Street, it’s a pretty street and pet friendly.

Hi everyone. I don’t live in Newburgh yet, but I’m coming up in a few weeks to look at a place to buy for me and my dogs. But if I can’t find anything, I’ll be looking for a dog friendly place as well. On the other hand, if I find a double, I’ll be looking for a dog friendly tenant.

I’m just looking to be within reasonable walking distance of the ferry, really. I like the Heights, MGL and Washington HQ/Liberty St a lot, but I’m pretty flexible otherwise as long as I’m reasonably close to downtown.

At this point I only know of a small one bedroom in that area available in July. However, I think there are more out there. Will ask around and post if I do find out.

Have you considered buying & renovating? You could probably find a good property to fix up for less than rent, and then you don’t have to worry about your dog passing the landlord’s approval (or pay a pet deposit).

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