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need information for work

I fell in love with Newport,I want to move there to live.
I am interested in the issue of employment in the firm on repair and reconstruction of houses.
I have no education construction,but have a great desire to participate in the restoration of the magnificent homes of the city.
Have experience of repairs of his own house.
I will come only at the end of the year, green map, so find out in advance about the possibility to find a job.
Thanks to all!!!

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Hi Irsid-

I think you mean Newburgh? (not Newport)

I think you are coming with a green card? (not green map?)

If you are looking for work in the construction industry, maybe the best is to contact the contractors in Newburgh and see if they have work. You can do a search for contractors in Newburgh on Google.

It is a little bit hard because there are many people and not so many jobs, but if you try hard, you will find something.

Good luck!


How can I help you?

I am interested in the restoration of houses.
Do you have vacancy for me?

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