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General Newburgh Discussion December 27, 2016 at 8:32 pm

Newburgh Water: Drinkable?

A contamination scare article mentioned the water supply has been rerouted from elsewhere.

How safe is the water today?
When will the contaminated blood sample results be a available?

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The water is currently being tapped from the same aqueduct that feeds nyc. It’s perfectly safe to drink.

I don’t believe there has been a date announced for when the results are anticipated.

As safe as ‘treated’ water can be. The ‘treated’ water then passes through municipal and household piping, picking up additional contaminants before reaching the tap. I use a counter top, gravity fed purifier with carbon composite filter elements ($300 or so) for drinking. My water smells and tastes like nothing. No harm, no foul.

*Phew*! Redpill – Can you share the make / model of that purifier?
I looked into several brands and methodologies before choosing. I chose a manual fed gravity fed system for its simplicity, less parts equates to less that can fail. Refilling it becomes a habit. As per pfos/pfoa contaminant, at the time of Newburgh’s issue becoming public the ‘company’ had not yet tested its usage for it. That said, carbon elements are the standard in general and imo the contaminants in aggregate are a greater issue. (I also use the fluoride filter add-on)

I think what the original poster was referring to was the PFO contamination in Washington Lake from the 1996 accident at the Air Force base. Does anyone have updates on this? I understand the city is no longer pulling from that lake, but how is this affecting pipes in both the city and in private homes?

Looking forward for the make model.

My brother is living in newburgh and he told me that water is drinkable.

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