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Home Renovation April 6, 2016 at 6:17 pm

scrape, paint, or siding?

Hello- We have a 1913 cedar shingle house that is in bad need of scraping and repainting. We are also thinking about cement board (hardieboard) siding because it won’t need repainting for decades (?) forever (?) and it looks good (?). Does anyone have experience with either a great paint job that has lasted at least 10 years or with cement board siding in Newburgh? Thanks!

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Hi there, I like your idea of having a cement siding for your shingle house. Well, you can also go for Fiber Cement Home Siding. This siding type has the appearance of wood, stucco and masonry. It looks so natural and is also durable. You can also hire a contractor for this job as I feel going with professionals is much beneficial after having my kitchen renovation done by the professional kitchen renovation Ossining NY contractors.

Well it is a good thing that you opted for cement board siding since they are durable and can withstand most harsh weather conditions.It is not flammable since 90% of it is made up of inflammable material.

Hi alkanow, I like your suggestion of having a cement exterior siding for your shingle residence. Well, you can additionally go for Fiber Concrete Home siding.

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