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Sewer line inspections


We are considering having a sewer line inspection done (with a camera) on a house we are hoping to buy. Has anyone had this done in Newburgh? Has anyone regretted not having it done? The house is old and there is a tree between the house and the road so we are afraid of clay pipes and/or root problems leaving us with an expensive sewer lateral replacement. But we haven’t found many people offering this service locally.

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I’ve never had this done, but I think this is a case by case situation. Maybe ask the neighbors if they have had problems? Spagnoli Excavating seem to be the most popular in Newburgh. They are on Instagram too if you want to see examples of their work.



It’s great to hear it. Totally new for me.

Sewer inspection camera is the best solution for sewer line checkup.

Yes, i agree, you can also do sewer pipe cleaning easily with the help of that inspection camera.

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