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Home Renovation December 1, 2015 at 10:55 pm

Steam Heat!

I have a one pipe steam heating system which I’m educating myself about. A lot of these old systems have been converted to hot water but is yours isn’t then then it looks like there are quite a few options to make your system run better. Chime in and you can be a steam heat nerd too. And maybe save some serious cash!

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Well, steam heating is quite older method which I feel is not that efficient than todays modern heating system. We are currently planning to have a home renovation by the professional contractors at complete home renovation NJ since we live in NJ. The contractors had suggested us the most efficient as well as modern cooling and heating systems according to the renovation plan.

I found a super awesome website with a forum full of people like me and professional contractors, too. If you are a little bit clever you can make huge improvements to you steam heat system without tearing it out and bringing in a hotwater system. Especially if you don’t need central cooling. They have a list of good pros you can call and if you have any other system they have great information on other systems too.


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