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Summer Internships and Jobs


Hello, my name is Yoo-Nah. I’m a junior at Barnard College, Columbia University in NYC, and I was just wondering if there were any suggestions and/or opportunities for summer internships or jobs in Newburgh. I am actually a native of Newburgh, NY – I was born at St. Luke’s Hospital, grew up in Milton, and my dad owns a small business right on Broadway. Although I am not a stranger to Newburgh and the problems the city has been facing for years, I have always felt a little bit of an outsider having attended schools outside of the area. This hasn’t kept me from feeling a pull to go back to Newburgh and start something though, and following the different happenings recently through Newburgh Restoration has inspired me tremendously. Although I’m a liberal arts major with very little technical skills, I am open to all different opportunities and enjoy learning about almost anything. I look forward to hearing from anyone with helpful thoughts/opinions/suggestions! Thank you.

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I have some ideas, but I will ask around and post on FB page to see if anyone has other suggestions. Off the bat, I know Habitat always needs volunteers.

Thank you so much! Yes, Habitat is one of the first places I am considering reaching out about any summer-long projects – I actually had the opportunity to volunteer with them once and had a great time. I was wondering about the Newburgh Community Land Bank as well.

The Land Bank pretty much said yes. I asked. She should be responding here.

oh wow great! the best way to contact me would also be through email – my email address is

a couple of friends are also looking around for summer opportunities – one is a biomedical engineering major (any research positions at St. Luke’s Cornwall Hospital possibly?) and another is in environmental electrical engineering. anything with a stipend would also be greatly appreciated! thanks for all the support so far 🙂

Hi Yoonah: I will email you this week to talk more! Madeline (Land Bank)

Hi Yoo-Nah,

I just saw saw your post. If you are still looking for an internship I would love to connect. I am launching a new venture in Newburgh and would love to share our plans and internship opportunities. If you email me at, I will send you a link to our website, which still in Beta, so that you can determine if this might be something that interest you.

Best regards,


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