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Thinking of moving to Newburgh

Hello, quick question…. does anyone have a rough idea about the monthly services cost? electric, gas, water and the like….. I know it changes according to one’s household, but we just want to have a ballpark notion of it.


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1700 sq ft colonial on Prospect and south street. Water $90 a quarter garbage $115 a quarter. Gas and Electric $225 a month.
Hope that helps.

thank you so much! it helps a lot.

It depends on the kind of home and the kind of living situation. If you are renting a home, then of course find out if the utilities (and which ones) are included. If you are buying a particular home, the seller will often share information on the approximate yearly costs. Having said that, I would agree with the above: a 2400 sq foot home about 300/mo gas and electric with conservative use. It depends, of course, on how many people in the home, whether it is attached or free standing, the insulation, the number of windows, and so on. Also, if you are planning to budget for a home in Newburgh, see about balance billing (in other words, even monthly payments) with Central Hudson, the local gas and electric co. Otherwise, you will find the winters harsh in more ways than one! Another option is looking into solar panels if you have a specific place in mind that is amenable.

Hannah, thank you so much for your answer…. have not found a place yet to buy, will be looking this weekend but just wanted to have an idea.

thanks again!

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