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Vacant home insurance


We are buying a house in Newburgh and now shopping for insurance for the house, which is vacant. Does anyone here have an agent or insurance company to recommend?

Thank you,

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The Land Bank uses Marshall and Sterling:

Keep us updated on your progress! Wish you the best Julie!

Is it vacant while being rehabbed and lacks a c of o? or is it simply vacant until you paint it and move in. These would require two different kinds of policies. We dealt with a rehab property using what is called a ‘marine policy’ with John Abrams, co. It was not the most super responsive place, as it is small…but they got the job done.

Thank you! The house is vacant now and we will occupy it as soon as it is possible… So, Hannah, you think that’s a “marine policy”? Unfortunately, we need this super quickly, so not responsive I am afraid won’t do (we need it by tomorrow!!)

It turns out we’ve got 2 companies willing to insure us. One is Allstate, which is our primary insurance provider and the other is an agent who found a company apparently in England who she says is the only company willing to give us coverage on this old vacant house that doesn’t have circuit breakers. I told her about the surprisingly cheap quote we got from Allstate and she warned us against them , saying the agent is just trying to write a policy and that as soon as they’ll send an inspector, they’ll cancel the policy. Her quote is much more expensive but she says once we occupy the house and install circuit breakers we can switch the policy and get money back. Needless to say we are confused and not sure what to do. Anyone here insured an old creaky house via Allstate? Any piece of advice welcome! THANKS! Julie

I insured a vacant home with Allstate. So far no issues, the agent is great, I have been with him for many years now. It’ a Brooklyn agency 718-377-8181 agent’s name is Obinach or Obi for short.

Recently we insured our house which will going to be vacant for nearly 6 months from now so considering likelihood of theft, vandalism and utility-related damage, we done vacant home insurance from professional agents of They have done complete process on our behalf and charge very less compared to other insurance companies.

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