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General Newburgh Discussion November 3, 2014 at 4:31 pm

Visiting Newburgh with Thoughts of Staying

My fiance and I are planning to visit Newburgh this coming Saturday, November 8th, to see what is happening in the community and see some properties to invest or maybe live. We currently live in Brooklyn. Graphic designer and IT Tech by vocation, and artist and musician by avocation.

What/where would you recommend going to see the best of what is happening in the Newburgh community, and where are the best areas to buy?

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Hi wheatond! Welcome!

I am considering making a map of some sorts to help people figure this out. Too bad you weren’t in Newburgh either of the last 2 Saturday’s. They were they most happening. I try to post any events on the event calendar, so keep a close eye on that.

So best areas to buy:
The Heights (they have a good neighborhood association)
-Anything near Washington’s HQ
-Liberty Street (especially near WHQ) or Broadway
– Montgomery, Grand, Liberty Streets (MGL)
– Colonial Terraces
– Washington St, Ann St, Spring, E. Parmenter
– Anything near waterfront with a view
– Chambers in between Broadway and 1st
Quality Row

Hope this helps!



Thank you so much for your timely advice. Will definitely check out the areas you mentioned. Love your site by the way; it was what made us take a second look at Newburgh.

Best, Diana

That makes me so happy to hear. Thanks Diana!

Um, so….Any follow-up on your recent trip to Newburgh? What were your thoughts? Can you describe how you felt walking through the city? Did it re-inforce your thoughts of moving up here, or did you promptly cross it of your list? Your opinions, through your fresh eyes, are pivotal to the future of the city, as it is people like you – out of town, creative types, with income and (likely) expectations that would promote civic, cultural and economic productivity – that would revitalize this great city.

p.s. My wife and I moved here from Ditmas Park (Cortelyou Road) just over four years ago!

Hi Diana
I am also in Prospect Heights & moving to Newburgh
this spring/summer.
You can reach me at 917-538-3797

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