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What's needed in Newburgh?

Hey everyone,
I’m not a Newburgh resident but have been increasingly interested in exploring places up along the Hudson to settle in and perhaps create a live/work situation. I’ve visited Newburgh a few times and I feel there has been a lot of growth in recent years. While brainstorming on business ideas I figured I’d put it out there to the locals and see what sort of new services you are looking for? What types of businesses are missing from Newburgh that might do well for the community?

Thanks in advance for any feedback!


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The best way to start orienting yourself, and meeting some key people at the same time, would be ideal for you!

Why not sign up for the tour? http://newburghrestoration.com/blog/2013/08/29/bus-tour-for-newcomers-to-discover-newburgh/

You should also get in touch with Tiombe of the Newburgh Professional and Business Association. http://www.newburghpba.org/

And most of all, meet and talk to business people and residents you meet along the way!

good luck!

I’d say more local shopping options, especially in the food category. Some place that you could walk to to buy local necessities. Like a small grocery, bakery, bagel shop, some place you could sit and hang out for a little while, meet up with friends. This helps create the formation of a community.

speaking of bakeries, I had the zucchini muffin by Claudio at Macchiato this weekend, and it was really.great.baking.

Wow Cher, that was a really extensive and thorough report! I really enjoyed reading it and learning about the overall feedback. Thanks again.

I would like to see more fine dining on lower broadway but also caters to the lunch crowd. A natural store not food though items like ex: raw shea butter etc…all natural ingredients for the skin and body, kind of set up like a candy shop. A pet store there is no where for city of newburgh residents to take their pet too except to the town. A dog park too. A cyber cafe would be cool.

Also a place for specialty desserts , custom cakes etc….as well as your everyday cheesecake

Newburgh needs a place where people can mingle and get a bite to eat of “real food.” There’s enough over-processed junk to eat, but we could use a simple place where people could meet for a healthy salad or sandwich – made from local ingredients – has a welcoming vibe, and can be depended on to be fresh, tasty, and affordable.

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