Colonial Terraces

Colonial Terraces is a neighborhood in the City of Newburgh that was built in 1917 to house workers of the Newburgh ship yards during Word War I. It was constructed during the winter from October to April at the height of the Spanish Flu epidemic. If you check the local newspapers of the time, you will notice the long lists of flu related deaths. Still, they managed to build Colonial Terraces in a 6 month time frame!

This area is different from the rest of the City in the fact that this area was created to be residential and separate from commercial parts of the City. This was something that was done to imitate the Garden Movement that was happening in England. As one resident described Colonial Terraces, “it’s got a small town vibe going. We have a nickname as the “Garden Spot” of Newburgh. There are a lot of owners who do have nice gardens and we have some green spaces in the neighborhood.”