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General Newburgh Discussion June 20, 2016 at 7:36 pm

Pics from Illuminated festival, 2016

Hi, all.

Just wanted to share some photos I got of the 2016 Illuminated Festival from the roof of the Karples Manuscript Museum, as well as pics of the surrounding neighborhood from every other conceivable angle!

Newburgh Illuminated 2016

The story: On the day of the festival, Karples was doing (mostly) unadvertised tours of their current residence, the old Newburgh Savings Bank building. these were of the usually off limits upstairs and basement rooms, not the fabulous main lobby, which is open to the public. There were tours posted for 3:15 and 4:00pm, on a teeny, tiny flier on the side of the building. I didn’t even notice these, and only came to find out about the tour by off chance while I was poking around the intricate elevator doors on my way out of the building. A guide caught me and informed me of the tours.

My girlfriend and I were the only two on the 4:00 tour. We were shown the upstairs rooms, mostly in disrepair, but basically untouched since the bank closed in the 1980s. We were shown a room where the FBI used to meet during the race riots of the 1970s (a board room), bank vaults, and various other banking departments. Not much furniture left, but all of the original granite, and intricate wood trim and plaster work remained intact. Unfortunately, I didn’t think to take pictures of the inside of the building.

Finally, we were taken up to the roof to conclude the tour! We got allot of time to take pictures since there were only two of us, plus the guide. The guide was very enthusiastic about showing us the view.

I knew it was possibly a once in a lifetime opportunity, so I took as many shots of the view as I could.

Hope you enjoy!

Nick DeLessio

General Newburgh Discussion April 9, 2016 at 12:00 pm

Exterior restoration of cornice features

Hello all,

I am looking for a craftsperson who can restore 5 leafy-design cornice features to a building of ours on Lander Street, and recreate two that are missing from the surviving examples that we have.

Thank you

General Newburgh Discussion March 28, 2016 at 7:28 am

The Foundry Condos?

Hey All,

Noah and Jon here. Happy Spring!

We’ve been up to Newburgh a few times recently, and last week we stumbled over The Foundry condos. Any forum friends living in The Foundry? We’ve seen a few foreclosed units for sale, and thought it might be a great stepping stone into Newburgh from NYC as we search for the perfect permanent home/gut renovation. Are many of the units vacant? Any experience with Foundry residents?


General Newburgh Discussion March 21, 2016 at 4:43 pm

Internet Provider in the Heights


My partner and I are going to be moving to Newburgh in April! We are going to be living in the heights and are trying to establish internet service at our rental home. However, we are not having much luck. We are going to be staying on Liberty St. Washington Heights and the internet companies don’t seem to understand that the street exists. We have to have the internet at home, as my partner works from home. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions or recommendation for a good internet provider.


General Newburgh Discussion March 4, 2016 at 4:20 am

Auction of 333 carpenter

I believe the mansion at 333 carpenter has been put up for auction. Does anyone know if it was purchased?

General Newburgh Discussion February 29, 2016 at 10:45 am

neighborhoods map / best neighborhoods

Hi Ive been reading for a while and thinking of purchasing in the area around Washington’s HQ (perhaps the heights).

Ive been trying to get a better sense of the neighborhoods to concentrate my search on. I live in NYC and will be up for a second trip this weekend, but mostly my search has been online.

My understanding is that HQ area (is this SoBro?) would be the best area for someone who values walk-ability. My question is, are there other neighborhoods to consider? It is hard to find a neighborhood map of the city. I know I don’t want to be near South street or near the hospital. MGL seems spotty especially on Liberty street near the college. The heights seems sort of block by block at this point?

Any help from people who know the area better would be appreciated. Thanks!

General Newburgh Discussion February 13, 2016 at 10:12 am

Shop Small / Buy Local Movement?

Hey Everyone –

Meandering through Newburgh Restoration and the web this morning, I thought I’d ask our second question regarding a “Shop Small” or “Buy Local” movement. I lived in Portland, Maine for almost 20 years and in 2006, we formed Portland Buy Local ( in order to support locally owned, independent businesses. Portland has seen a dramatic transformation over the last 20 years – going from a rough-around-the-edges middle class town to an explosive destination filled with amazing restaurants, thriving small businesses and incredible swarms of tourists in the summer. I owned and operated Maine Cocktail Tours ( for two years before moving to NYC. Anyway, I saw the incredible work that Portland Buy Local did for the community, and I’m a strong believer that a coalition of small businesses is part of the key to a successful revival of a city.

Is there currently any Buy Local movement in Newburgh? I’ve seen posts for Small Business Saturday, but I haven’t been able to find any other resources.

If there isn’t any current 501(c)(3) organization in this realm, is there interest from the business owners and entrepreneurs of Newburgh for this type of coalition?

Happy Saturday!


General Newburgh Discussion February 7, 2016 at 7:38 pm

Renovated Rental Market?


My fiancé and I have fallen in love with Newburgh for many reasons, and are planning on relocating from NYC in early 2017. We love that Newburgh has a large community of activists, artists and those dedicated to the sustainable growth and development of the beautiful city. From what we can tell, Newburgh also seems to have a good size LGBT population.

We’d like to purchase an abandoned older building and do a complete rehab and restore, although we are still trying to decide whether we want to go for a single family or a multifamily, living in one unit and renting out the other(s).

We’ve seen lots of advertisements in 2 Alices and online for recently renovated apartments for rent, but we’re curious on what the vacancy rate and market is like for these units? Any multifamily owners on the forum who can provide any helpful insight? Is there perhaps a glut of apartments for rent in the city right now?

Thanks All!

Jon and Noah

General Newburgh Discussion February 3, 2016 at 12:23 pm

CPA recommendation?

Hi neighbors!
Can anyone recommend a good, small-business friendly CPA/ tax advisor in the region?

General Newburgh Discussion January 25, 2016 at 11:18 am

Wanted: Newburgh residents to join NEXTDOOR community.

This is a request to join the NEXTDOOR online neighborhood community.
Currently there are a few neighborhoods currently set up for Newburgh.
The Heights, Colonial Terrace, East End Historic District and the Carpenter/Powell/Castle areas. The Balmville section of the Town of Newburgh also has a neighborhood listing.

There is a pretty large section of Newburgh residents already on the site.
Sorry but you must be a resident and there is a verification process to the secure site. Regardless, you may want to join your NEXTDOOR Neighborhood where you are living or start up your own if one is not already established where you live.
I am attaching an example of the flyer for our neighborhood – Colonial Terrace.

Thank you

Nextdoor_Colonial_Terrace_flyer_invitations (4)

General Newburgh Discussion December 11, 2015 at 11:56 am

Event Spaces in Newburgh

Hi Everyone!
I’m looking into hosting a large public event in the Hudson Valley. Does anyone know of any good spaces to check out in Newburgh? I’m open to both indoor and outdoor venues. My main concern is costs and how many people can legally gather/fit in a spot. Any help that can be given would be greatly appreciated.

General Newburgh Discussion November 30, 2015 at 11:39 pm

Join the Historic Downtown Newburgh community online at Nextdoor

Hi everyone. Previously only the Heights and Balmville were offered on the Nextdoor community website, but now the rest of the historic district has its own community. The Nextdoor websites offer a way for neighbors to communicate about events, crime and other important community matters. Join us:

General Newburgh Discussion November 17, 2015 at 4:12 pm

What's the General Consensus?

My husband and are relocating back to NYC-area from San Francisco within the next couple of months, where we can actually have an opportunity to buy a house (SF is so crazy expensive it’s disgusting). We have friends in Peekskill who love it there and we checked it out on our last visit and decided that’s where we could see ourselves settling.

However, then I stumbled upon this site and discovered Newburgh! I’m enamored with the idea of restoring a grand old home, at a cost for much less than Peekskill. Our main concerns are of course the crime rate and the blight that still exists across most of the city.

My main questions are:

1. Tax rates seems to be outrageously expensive — why is this? What is it paying for? I’d be fine if it were for an increased police presence but it sounds like the police dept is underfunded as is. And if we do completely remodel an old home (hopefully a former “mansion” that was subdivided which we would convert back), does that mean the taxes would increase even more once we finish restoration?

2. Crime. I realize as more “visionaries” move in and rehab the city, it should have a trickle down effect. But that takes time, and how realistic is this in its current economic climate? Where would the gangs and current crime element go? I fear they won’t be leaving anytime soon. Has anyone here ever been personally affected by crime (burglary, mugging, etc)? If we stay in our “safer” neighborhoods that’s one thing, but I don’t want to feel unsafe leaving our home. Are there any initiatives in place to try and curb the crime and gang activity there?

3. Local government. I know there was a recent election, but what are the feelings of those running the city? Pro-revitalization and crime-control? Are more pro-restoration residents running for positions to help rebuild the city?

4. CBD. Is there a Central Business District Development Board or Organization to encourage investment and new business in the commercial areas? If not, why not? And if so, how is it doing so far?

5. How is the gay community there? My husband and I just don’t want to feel like the “only gays in the village,” so do you have any neighbors that are gay couples?

I could go on but I don’t want to make this too long (too late!). And of course we need to actually VISIT Newburgh and check it out more before making such a vital decision, but from everything I’ve read and seen on this forum and website, along with other articles about the revitalization of the Hudson Valley communities, I think I’m in love so far with Newburgh! 🙂

General Newburgh Discussion November 17, 2015 at 11:56 am

Creative Learning Center

Hello All!

My husband and I are planning to move out of NYC within the year and have been looking closely at Orange County. We just began to seriously consider the City of Newburgh and will be visiting later this month and getting to know people/places before we make the leap. In addition to having two small children, I run a creative learning center focused on the arts and literacy for kids from birth to eight years old. We have mommy/daddy and me groups, parent groups, classes (Spanish, Dance, Art, Cooking), an open Play Space, and a variety of other programming for both parents and kids.

In consideration with the move, I am thinking about opening an additional location in Newburgh. For those living in/familiar with the area, would this be something that residents think would be beneficial to the community? Are there a lot of families with young children? (Both for us to meet and mingle with as a family and for the center).

I ask because I read the past business survey results and none of the respondents really mentioned anything related to children except for the children’s theater. Aside from the possible second business location, I am interested in knowing whether there are a sizable number of parents with young children in the city for us to meet, etc.

Thanks in advance – I am looking forward to getting to know the city!

– Riqui

General Newburgh Discussion October 13, 2015 at 1:37 pm

Family friendly Halloween Activities


We’re new-Newburgh-ers and are wondering what family friendly halloween activities might be going on in the coming weeks??? Ideas/suggestions are appreciated.


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