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General Newburgh Discussion November 17, 2015 at 11:56 am

Creative Learning Center

Hello All!

My husband and I are planning to move out of NYC within the year and have been looking closely at Orange County. We just began to seriously consider the City of Newburgh and will be visiting later this month and getting to know people/places before we make the leap. In addition to having two small children, I run a creative learning center focused on the arts and literacy for kids from birth to eight years old. We have mommy/daddy and me groups, parent groups, classes (Spanish, Dance, Art, Cooking), an open Play Space, and a variety of other programming for both parents and kids.

In consideration with the move, I am thinking about opening an additional location in Newburgh. For those living in/familiar with the area, would this be something that residents think would be beneficial to the community? Are there a lot of families with young children? (Both for us to meet and mingle with as a family and for the center).

I ask because I read the past business survey results and none of the respondents really mentioned anything related to children except for the children’s theater. Aside from the possible second business location, I am interested in knowing whether there are a sizable number of parents with young children in the city for us to meet, etc.

Thanks in advance – I am looking forward to getting to know the city!

– Riqui

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Replied on December 10, 2015 at 2:23 pm

Reply To: Creative Learning Center

Hello All, My apologies for my very delayed response. Thank you all for your comments/suggestions …