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Moving back to the City of Newburgh is a decision that only you and your family can effectively make. Only you know the reasons for why you’re leaving BK, why you left Newburgh in the first place, what you hope to find here in Newburgh, what your expectations are, what you can afford, etc, etc, etc.
But by no means are you, or should you be be judged as being, “absolutely insane,” as your families who live in New Windsor think. What’s more imprtant to you, to live somewhere that has soul and character, or somewhere, where you might have a lawn? Somewhere that is attractiing interesting, smart, creative types, or somplace that has already acheived its fukl potential, and that full potential really isn’t that interesting (Kmart and Dominos pizza – exciting!).
And for safe? Well, I have a 2 yr old, and a 4yr old. Am I putting them in danger by living on Liberty street? Ridiculous.