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General Newburgh Discussion January 25, 2015 at 10:06 pm

Moving back to newburgh!

Hi fellow Newburghers! My husband and I grew up in Newburgh/New Windsor and moved to Brooklyn 9 years ago. We are looking to come back with our 1 year old and are seriously considering moving to the heights.

Our families are both in the TOwn of Newburgh and New Windsor and think that we are absolutely insane. Can you give us some info that we can share with them to help them feel a little less freaked out about it?


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Come visit the Heights. It’s a nice community, and growing every day. There are a few nice bargains, including multifamilies that help take a little edge off the taxes. As far as families thinking you are insane…well..

How exciting! One of the components of the blog that I think are the best testimonials for moving to the City of Newburgh are the Meet a Newburgher interviews and the yearly anniversary posts. They show why people are moving to Newburgh as well as a summary of all the positive things that are happening. It’s kinda hard sometimes to fully grasp it all unless it is presented in one spot.

Sign us up for the asylum. My sister and I just bought a 3 family house on Lander Street which most people consider a not-so safe part of Newburgh. But we grew up in pretty rough neighborhood in the 1970s–90th and Columbus. Everyone else thought it was scary but we loved it. By the early 80s we are priced out!

We see an amazing future for Newburgh and this time we are not going to be priced out and hope to be part of preserving its beauty and making it greener!

We will be hosting events from our East Village loft for those planning to move to Newburgh. We hope to help build a community. You can contact me at or visit our website, and learn more.

Moving back to the City of Newburgh is a decision that only you and your family can effectively make. Only you know the reasons for why you’re leaving BK, why you left Newburgh in the first place, what you hope to find here in Newburgh, what your expectations are, what you can afford, etc, etc, etc.
But by no means are you, or should you be be judged as being, “absolutely insane,” as your families who live in New Windsor think. What’s more imprtant to you, to live somewhere that has soul and character, or somewhere, where you might have a lawn? Somewhere that is attractiing interesting, smart, creative types, or somplace that has already acheived its fukl potential, and that full potential really isn’t that interesting (Kmart and Dominos pizza – exciting!).
And for safe? Well, I have a 2 yr old, and a 4yr old. Am I putting them in danger by living on Liberty street? Ridiculous.

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