4 Year Anniversary

It is that time of year again where we look back at the past year and rejoice all of Newburgh’s small and large victories. But, before we get started, there is something new I’d like to do this year, and that is to hear from you. What suggestions do you have that could make Newburgh Restoration a better, more informative, more navigable blog? Is there anything you want to see but don’t see? What can I include to interest non-Newburghers who read the blog? Something I am working on for the new year is a forum where everyone can offer advice, ask questions, share ideas and post classifieds.

Let us look back at some of the milestones that have happened in Newburgh during the past year:

  • The 2012 Builders Blitz built tore down 2 decaying homes and built 2 news ones in place in just 5 days!
  • The Newburgh Brewery and tap room officially opened serving Newburgh beer all over the tri-state area and opened a Farmer’s Market.
  • The Newburgh Cash Mob raided many businesses boosting the local economy and encouraging people to buy local.
  • Scenic Art Studios, a scene shop that paints most of the backdrops and scenery seen in Broadway productions moves to Newburgh after an unfortunate fire in their previous studio. The community is excited.
  • Johanna Porr is named the new director of the Historical Society of Newburgh Bay and the Highlands, bringing many new ideas on how to excite a younger generation about Newburgh’s history.
  • The Newburgh Preservation Association launches new initiatives to stabilize the Dutch Reformed Church, and starts a community garden.
  • This summer Newburgh saw many outdoor art installations put up around the City further solidifying the Newburgh Art Scene.
  • The Railroad Playhouse has been busy constructing dressing rooms and debuted the world premiere production of RRP Playwright-in-Residence, Alex Goldberg’s America’s Brightest Star
  • Plans for the 2013 Newburgh Illuminated Festival continue full steam ahead and a $10k check was donated.
  • Downing Film Center is raising money to convert its one screen theater projection system from thirty-five millimeter to digital.
  • Newburgh becomes the backdrop for a couple of films and makes moves towards a film commission office to woo the film industry into bringing large scale productions to the City.
  • The Greater Newburgh Partnership cleans and beautify empty lots and streets all over the City.
  • The Orange County Triathlon was held for a 2nd year in Newburgh and has announced plans for another year in 2013
  • The Atlas Furniture Company buys a 60,000 sq ft warehouse and has plans to restore the building and create a green roof and artisan business community.
  • The Newburgh Clean Up Mob cleans up neglected historic Newburgh treasures with the idea of making the City more attractive to investors.
  • The Ritz Theater Marquee is to be renovated
  • Safe Harbors of the Hudson is still looking for an occupant for a cafe. In the meanwhile restrooms are being constructed.
  • Newburgh Open Studios Tour was a huge success seeing a dramatic increase in the number of participants and visitors. They even had to turn people away at their opening night party!
  • The 73 year old Downing Park Greenhouses will be restored
  • New businesses come to Liberty Street : Liberty Tattoo and the Vinyl Resting Place, further helping what many believe to be the epicenter of Newburgh’s renaissance.
  • After 4 years of renovation the Washington’s Headquarters Museum will reopen December 2012.
  • The Newburgh Restoration blog saw a new record number of visitors!
  • Phase III of East Parmenter neighborhood begins
  • The Newburgh Preservation Mob brings attention to historic buildings that are soon to be torn down in efforts to raise awareness.
  • Newburgh becomes the home to the Orange County Rowing Association. One of their many goals is to develop the Hudson River into a venue for national-level races.
  • The South Street Park on the waterfront comes closer to reality with approvals in the works.

There has been much improvement in Newburgh is the last four years since this blog has started. Every year there seems to be a new exciting project coming to the City. In 2012 it was the Newburgh Brewery. What will 2013 bring? We will have to wait and see. I will end this post quoting a very encouraging compliment Newburgh Restoration has received:

“Fantastic site…the energy it generates is inspiring. Your site was recently brought to my attention by my brother who resides in Portland, Maine. My brother and I invested (and lived) decades ago in Park Slope and Fort Greene Brooklyn, in the burgeoning days of their development. And as we know they are now amazing NYC neighborhoods filled with glorious historic housing and healthy thriving diverse communities. I now see this energy in Newburgh. I am currently very pro-active in Binghamton NY’s revitalization, but I have to say your site has changed me from being a Newburgh skeptic to one who is destined to potentially invest in its future. Again, thank you for energizing so many in seeing the beauty of this city!!”

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