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I have no idea what your financial situation is but I would suggest that you rent before
you buy. There appears to be an abundance of space available for artists at very reasonable rents. There are also some nice apartments coming on the market.

If you want to buy and fix up a property, I would also look around for a good contractor/builder that will give you an understanding
of costs in buying and improving real estate. It can be very expensive and what can go wrong usually does go wrong.

That said, there are some vary nice single and two family houses on the market in the city
of Newburgh. You can google away. I would do my homework first since you need to be able
to ask intelligent questions.

Still think you should rent. Newburgh has, I believe, a great upside but it isn’t for

I have heard this from a lot of people that know the city a lot better than I do.

Good luck