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General Newburgh Discussion June 8, 2015 at 2:39 am

Like the last person….. looking for a big dog friendly rental!

Hi Newburgh!
I will be moving to the Hudson River Valley in mid/late August for a job, and am really interested in living in Newburgh for a year to “test it out” for a possible permanent home buying location. Ideally I am looking for a nicer 1 bedroom/large studio, a loft type would be nice but not necessary, but preferably in one of the neighborhoods with good potential for buying and renovating a row house in the next couple years. I would love to have rent around $700-750, but would consider higher for the right place. The tricky part: I have a German Shepard. She’s not huge, about 55 lbs, and loves people, but she does have a watch dog bark and a classic guard dog look. We (the dog and myself) live in a slightly sketchy part of Santa Rosa, and I’ve been grateful for that bark before when there have been near break-ins, so I regard her as a minor security measure. She is, for better or worse, actually harmless. Just a nice scary profile 🙂
Things I’m especially excited about Newburgh are getting involved with the community gardening projects and the arts scene-is there a good yarn store in town yet? Coming from an area of California where the neat neighborhoods are so unbelievably priced out of range (including large parts of Oakland now…), it’s really exciting to read about the stuff going on in this city and see the kind of real estate still available. Looks like a fantastic future ahead of it!
Any advice on good places to look for rentals, or if anyone has one coming available in that timeframe would be hugely appreciated. Thanks a bunch!

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