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Rentals July 15, 2017 at 4:11 pm

Bicycling clubs, groups meetups


I’m looking for a bicycling group that meets up maybe once a week for rides in the Newburgh area. Moderate to semi-quick pace.

Thank you,

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This would be a great thing to get started

Hi Cher,

I’m certain that someone told me that a group meets in front of the church on South street just east of Liberty, near the cemetery. However, I asked some people while in front of Fairfax the other day and they also said “great idea”, so maybe it doesn’t exist?

If it does, could a member reach out to me at

If not, I will start a group. The idea is once a week rides, likely on Sundays, we will start with 35 mile routes of moderate intensity and work our way up as a group from there.

I’m guessing riding out to the summit of Beacon Mtn and back from Fairfax might be a place to start as a route to explore. It seems that’s only 17 miles round trip from Fairfax to the radio station and back but it can be added to.

Best – ML

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