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Replacing/restoring etched glass windows

I’m so excited that my husband and I will be closing on hour future home on Lander Street shortly. It’s a lovely little gem and we are excited about making our new home in Newburgh. Two of the interior doors have a pane of the original etched glass broken out and thankfully one panel from each door remains. Are there craftsmen or glass artisans who can replicate historic etched glass panels that can be recommended?

Thank you.

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Yes, Newburgh Sash and Restoration:

Ben Brandt
Newburgh Sash & Restoration

Hi CHer,
Thank you so much. I’ll be reaching out to them!

My husband and I are overseeing the restoration project on 153 Lander Street. We also spoke with the folks at Newburgh Sash and Restoration I found them to be very knowledgeable. Maybe you are not too far from us!

Yes we are close by and will be neighbors. We will be looking forward to meeting you once we begin work which is coming up soon 🙂


I’m with dweller.

I think we are very very close to each other! Looking forward to meeting you.

Hi dweller. We started work on our property today clearing out the contents was a huge task. We intend to make our lander street home put primary address and so my husband and I will be up frequently to get habitable by end of summer. We will be at the site tomorrow and then frequently after. Will you be occupying or renting your home? We are interested to know our neighbors and I must say had a very warm welcome from a number of long tine residents.

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