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Rescue Me

I am looking for information on a home that was featured in the “Rescue Me” column. The address is 250 Liberty Street. It is not listed for sale and its not on the list of City-owned properties. Can anyone tell me how I can get more information?

Thanks very much,


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Hi Liz,

A lot of that info is in the FAQ’s.

But to answer your question directly, you should go to the Orange County Property Information Search.

Upon searching I was able to find the address of the owner, he lives in Newburgh on Gidney. The best way to try purchasing it is to look up the owner’s phone number in the phone book, give them a call, or try visiting them directly. It is a difficult process but persistence pays off. I hope you get it!


Hello Cher, I am working with Liz on this. I tried searching at that link and got nothing. Could u please reach out to me at thank you,

Michael I sent you a e-mail with the property owners address. I hope this helps.

Susan Walski
Licensed Associate Broker
Keller Williams Realty

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