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Classified October 26, 2015 at 2:29 pm

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Hi All,

My fiance and I just found out that our wedding venue in Hudson, NY is cancelling on us. We are looking for a warehouse venue – but are flexible – around Newburgh area. My parents live in Beacon so am flexible to anywhere around the area but really would like to support the amazing growth and revitalization in Newburgh. I would love to hear any suggestions with regards to industrial type venues/restaurants that could fit about 120 people to do also ceremony and reception there. Thanks in advance!


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Sorry to hear that Michelle. I did a post a few months back that covered possible venue locations in the city. If you are interested in the train station, the theater is no longer there. However, you might be able to rent it if you go to the Pizza Shop and ask for the landlord’s number, Ray Yannone.

Please look into the Ritz Theater’s Green Room. The space is great and can accommodate all of your people.
Contact is June Henley
1 (845) 562-6940
Also if you need invitations and favors please feel free to call me, Nancy Colas at Simple Gifts and Goodies
Bus#: 845-568-0050 or go to

Agreed. The Green Room at Safe Harbors (where you might even negotiate your name on the Ritz Marquis) is a great choice, and especially since there is also a big parking lot on Ann st. Thank you for thinking of Newburgh!

Another place that is more warehouse in feel, but set up with a stage and sound, is 299 Washington on the corner of 9w. Only a small parking lot, tho. You will find that on Cher’s list of venues.

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