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Classified July 29, 2020 at 1:11 am

I'm planning to replace my old rugs that has been burnt by my kid.

I was planning to buy a new carpet/rug for my home.
To cut the long story short my 2-year-old child literary was about to burn our house I don’t know where did he get a match. I just went to buy some groceries last Sunday and when I came home my husband and my kids are wet and the floor is also soaking wet.

I thought that they were just playing water but to my surprise I so my carpet burned and already rolled -_- so irritating but I guess that is part of being a parent. Sad but the carpet is a gift from my parents when I got married.

I tried to look for a company that can restore it but there wasn’t any near my location, When surfing the internet I came into these interesting rugs & the other one is Personally I like the sad color but I realized that it is harder to maintain since I have two kids that will play mud all they outide the house.

What do you think guys? Should I get the sand color or the black and grey ones? It is easier to maintain and looks classy but I like the sand color and it suites my taste but harder to maintain.

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