loft/warehouse space to buy/renovate??

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Topic: loft/warehouse space to buy/renovate??

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loft/warehouse space to buy/renovate??

my husband and daughter and i currently reside in brooklyn. as an artist and social worker with a child, brooklyn is beginning to eat us alive and we’ve started to think about getting out of town. newburgh feels like a real possibility to us. we’re interested particularly in buying a big open warehouse/lofty type space but we don’t see much of that on the usual real estate websites. so a couple of questions: does this sort of thing exist in newburgh? and, if so, how do we go about finding out about what’s available?



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Most commercial listings are not put on the regular Multiple listing service. I would suggest looking at a commercial real estate web site like

Spend some time in the area and get to know people. You should also contact Madeline Fletcher at the Land Bank if you are interested in rehabbing a property.
If the right live/work situation doesn’t turn up, it’s still possible to buy or rent a home and find good artist lofts for 1.50 or 2. a sq ft.
A good time to visit would be last Saturdays, or visit in Sept during open studio tours and meet the other artists in town..

Hi Anneke. This space definitely exists in Newburgh. While the obvious thought might be to find an old warehouse, there are many other buildings that might have this type of space that might be off your radar. For example, a lot of the tall brick buildings like this one have tall unobstructed spaces. So while yes, as others mentioned above, consider looking at commercial websites and realtors, keep your eye out for these tall brick buildings which are very abundant in the City of Newburgh which should be able to meet your needs. These types of buildings are all over the city, and you might want to consider some industrial garages as well, there are quite a few of those that go on and off the market, but again, usually found doing commercial real estate searches. I also try to post the best finds on the Friday real estate posts. So go through those and you’ll quickly see what the city has to offer. Hope that helps!



Anneke, this came on the market recently, although it is over priced and not on the most up and coming neighborhood…but it sounds up your alley

Hi Anneke,

My husband and I are working on negotiations to rehabilitate an industrial building into artists lofts/work spaces. Let’s connect and I’ll share more. Always glad to hear when other NYC dwellers like us considering moving to the Hudson Valley. The old industrial architecture is amazing–Newburgh especially…we are smitten!

Hi Anneke,

These opportunities exist but you need to be the ground. I recently relocated my real estate redevelopment & acquisitions company to Newburgh, however my client base is primarily Brooklyn real estate and creative entrepreneurs.I have spent the last 5 years working on revitalizing Bedford Stuyvesant, Crown Heights, Clinton Hill, and Bushwick.

My company focuses on sourcing real estate which Brooklyn creative professionals would love to live in and create. I will be launching a site very soon which advertises Newburgh spaces, with a focus on making these properties more visual to Brooklynites who are on the verge of moving here.

I might be able to assist you and your husband. Reach out if you need assistance on the ground.Shameless plug, but I figured I could help you out. 🙂

Best of luck!

Shay Sellars
SASRE Properties LLC

Anneke, I know how you feel. We’ve lived in Prospect Heights Brooklyn for a number of years, but even though we are owners, the rising costs, and changing demographics (influx of Manhattanites) has sent us out of the city looking for a place that has the charm and vibrancy of Brooklyn, but more down-to-earth.

I see your original post was in July. Did you find a home in Newburgh, or are you still looking?


Contact any logistics company if now needed they will be able to provide such space in that area.

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