12/11/17 7:30am

  • Graft Cidery opens up in Newburgh on Ann Street with pop-up tasting events during the summer
  • Weigant’s Tavern is on the road to be rehabilitated by RipRap, we got to see inside prior to renovations
  • 159-167 Washington Street was once an abandoned row of apartments. It is now an updated and modernized bright spot on Washington
  • The Lank Bank rehabs two buildings on Farrington for homeownership
  • SodaCova Group starts rehabilitation work on 2 Liberty Street and opens Deja Brew Cafe & Art Gallery at 15 Liberty Street
  • Work finally begins on the Liberty Street School after almost 40 years of abandonment
  • 2016 is a record year for city-owned property sales
  • Owners who purchase their property through the Land Bank work diligently on rehabilitating their homes
  • The Downtown Newburgh map is back in circulation
  • Chef Jodi opens up juice bar, The Daily Beet on Liberty Street
  • The Newburgh Illuminated Festival was a sight to see with thousands of visitors descending upon Liberty Street and Broadway!
  • The Liberty Street Film Series started this summer on the lawn at Washington’s HQ
  • Pop-up art event at 10 Carpenter Avenue by Jackie Skrzynski, the first ever held here (that I’m aware of)
  • TV series, Big Dogs, is filming all around downtown Newburgh and beyond
  • The second annual Hudson Valley Vegan Food Festival was held at Delano-Hitch Park with great success
  • Newburgh Open Studios is held for the 7th straight year
  • New boutiques Cream and Cream Kidz open on Liberty Street, adding a much needed retail component to the corridor
  • Blacc Vanilla Coffee Shop opens on South Street to much excitement, bringing the community together and becoming the place “where people meet”
  • The roof of the Tower of Victory at Washington’s HQ’s is underway and should be completed very soon
  • M. Lewis is a new menswear boutique set to open up on Liberty Street
  • 2 Courtney is purchased and being rehabbed, a major victory for the Heights neighborhood and the bluff
  • The Newburgh Chess Club is back on upper Liberty
  • Facade work begins at 109 Liberty Street, the future home of the Velocipede Museum
  • The City begins accepting RFP’s for 109 South William Street, a warehouse near the Flats
  • The long awaited Newburgh skatepark is finally taking shape and construction is moving along
  • Newburgh readies dozens of affordable apartments in $15.2M project
  • Vuff dog collar successfully completes its Kickstarter campaign

There has been a lot of other great things to happen in the city. Feel free to leave anything I might have left out in the comments!

08/23/17 7:30am

During this summer TV series, Big Dogs has been filming all over Newburgh, Beacon and beyond. You might have seen police barricades or orange and pink signs telling you where you can park for the day. Yesterday they were filming along Liberty Street with the crew packing out the municipal parking lot on Ann Street.

This project will span a couple of months, so you still have the chance to see them. They are still shopping for a network, but when it airs, you can be sure to spot many Newburgh sightings. For more information, read this interview here.

08/15/17 11:30am

This past Saturday was the second annual Hudson Valley Vegan Food Festival. The stormy forecast fortunately cleared up, and a bright sunny day made the perfect back drop for the festival. Something very obvious to another local and myself was that all the faces we saw were new. Meaning that the vegan festival was creating a new kind of tourism for the City of Newburgh that has not existed before. Cinnamon Snail from NYC was a huge hit with a consistent line of 30+ people throughout the day. There were vegan meatballs, ribs, chicken salad, plus all of the available smoothies, desserts, vegetable based meals and more. Families of all shapes and sizes were present and many children! The tents were much needed for shade and a place to enjoy your meal with live entertainment. Hardly a seat was ever available and all of the parking in the immediate area was packed.

Even if you aren’t a vegan, support next years event. There’s something for everyone and it is so special to be happening in Newburgh!

07/05/17 7:30am

The very first Liberty Street Film Series took place June 24 at Washington’s Headquarters. An electrified crowd awaited to see Back to the Future, complete with a real DeLorean. This is a special new event that has been added to the City of Newburgh, giving locals and visitors fun outdoor activities into the evening hours. They estimate approximately 300 people showed up. If you missed this one, don’t worry. Films will be shown the last Saturday of every month till September. Casablanca will be shown July 29. Help support this event. Don’t miss it! (Photos © Mary Kelly Photography)

06/06/17 7:30am

Street life on Liberty Street is about to get livelier, thanks to a new film series coming to the lawn at Washington’s Headquarters this summer. The Liberty Street Film Series will be held last Saturdays in Newburgh from June till September. This event is FREE and open to all ages. The first film to kick off the series will be Back to the Future, starting at 8:30 pm.

Washington’s Headquarters is located at 84 Liberty Street, between Washington Street and Lafayette Street. Additional dates for this summer’s first run are:

  • Saturday, July 29
  • Saturday, August 26
  • Saturday, September 30

Sponsorship makes these kinds of events possible! Parties interested in sponsorship opportunities should contact Michael Kelly at Michael@amkrg.com. For further press inquiries, please contact Alex Kelly at alex@amkrg.com.

02/06/17 11:45am

Newburgh Property Sales Record 2016

It’s nice to get confirmation that the work I do showcasing some of these abandoned properties has produced positive results. Last year I blogged about city-owned property, 28 Courtney. Shortly after, a serious buyer contacted me. I put her in touch with David Kohl, the city’s economic developer, and a sale was completed. You can read more about it in the article above. If it’s too small, you can see the PDF version here.