09/14/18 7:30am

Take a look at this property that has been renovated on the west end of the city. It also is a chance to see a “before and after” look of a house that was an overgrown neglected mess. Classic upgrades were chosen, appealing to any design palate. This is often an overlooked area in the city that has just as much potential as homes in the east end.

48 Poplar Street Newburgh NY
Asking Price: $219,000
Year Built: 1910
Size: 1,058 sq ft
Neighborhood: West of 9W
Taxes: $5,300
Distance to NYC: 55.7 mi, 1 hr 2 mins
Public Transportation: MetroNorth to Beacon, then take ferry across
Closest Roadways: 9W, I-87, I-84
Google Map
Listing by: Sarah Hooff, Hanson Real Estate Partners

08/28/18 7:30am

I took this picture above back in 2013. I have to admit, I did not have much hope for it then. From what we can see from the exterior, the makeover looks remarkable. Some neighborhood boys thought the same as they saw me photographing the building. The detail that went into the railings was particularly a nice touch. It just leaves me to wonder, are satellite dishes really still that popular these days?

11/03/17 7:30am

This is an impressive transformation of a house on the north side of Broadway. Just a year ago this house looked vastly different. It appears to have been renovated top to bottom. When some of these houses in Newburgh seem helpless, this is an example of the potential they hold. Around the corner is St. Luke’s Hospital, but this area is still very challenging.

32 City Terrace Newburgh NY
Asking Price: $269,000
Year Built: 1892
Size: 2,056 sq ft
Neighborhood: NoBro
Taxes: $3,469 (probably hasn’t been assessed recently)
Distance to NYC: 55.7 mi, 1 hr 2 mins
Public Transportation: MetroNorth to Beacon, then take ferry across
Closest Roadways: 9W, I-87, I-84
Google Map
Listing by: Desiree Osorio, John J Lease

02/07/17 7:30am

This is an update for an old post on 144 First Street. I posted the “after” photo of this building to Instagram last week, and it was very popular.  There were a few comments asking if it was for sale and others admiring the beautiful exterior. It made me think that we should take a look back at what it looked like before. I’ve been calling it a carriage house, but it definitely seems to have been an old store that was replaced with carriage house doors. The result is beautiful and charming. Funny enough, most people don’t realize there are hundreds of buildings like this in Newburgh. They look scary at first but hold a lot of potential for anyone with a vision.

Before and After Brick Home

01/12/17 7:30am


We are taking another look at the apartment buildings on Washington Street to see a final side by side comparison of the massive changes that have happened since they were rehabilitated. These buildings were in perpetual disrepair over the past 10+ years. For the past 3-4 years I have observed them they were vacant and covered in graffiti. In 2016 work began to completely overhaul the five buildings and now in 2017 all the units have been rented out except one. The sidewalks have been repaired with new tree plantings, applying City Planning streetscape standards and the interiors are modern with have historical characteristics.

As a corridor to Washington’s HQ, the changes here make this section of Washington Street a more inviting and pleasant block for residents and pedestrians alike. Undoubtedly projects of this scale require a lot of patience and money, but the results display the value of these buildings in the historic district.






02/09/16 7:30am

115 Liberty St Newburgh NY

A newly renovated building on Liberty Street is a fine example of the potential of Newburgh’s historic district. Two years ago this building was up for sale. Since then new business, Palate Wine and Spirits, has moved in, raising the bar of the Liberty Street corridor. The fake stone facade and aluminum siding was removed and replaced with historically accurate details and color scheme. Job well done, it looks beautiful!

Imagine if all the buildings on Liberty Street were restored the same way? One building at a time …